About Artism

I've been obsessed with doodling for as long as I can remember; it always centres my mind, clears anxieties and helps me to pay attention...especially in conference calls and long meetings.

I thought this was related to my OCD, alongside hoarding stationery (mostly pens & paper)...enjoying the smells and textures of paper and making marks on a clean sheet.  but after a fascinating and emotional journey with NHS clinicians, I was also diagnosed with ASD.

The relief and enlightenment was overwhelming...which lead to much doodling.

My friends said they look like colouring book patterns and wanted me to share them.  So, many hours and pages later, this is the result.  I'm not sure they meant a book, website, YouTube channel, Instagram account and Facebook group...but I also wanted this to be about spreading some awareness of Autism and it's many colours.

I really hope you enjoy colouring these patterns as much as I continue to enjoy doodling them.

My First iPad Doodle

I thought it was far too complicated to include in the book, but I may include it as a digital download.  I did upload a time-lapse video recording of it to the YouTube channel, though, just to give you some idea of how detailed they can get.

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